We are experienced dog lovers. We are breeders of Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, members of The Kennel Club. Our girl Gleda gave us 8 lovely puppies, we raised them with much love and care. We take care of our dogs and we will do the same with yours. We will give to your dog attention on walks, fun, our love and passion. Your dog will definitely enjoy walking with us!


Dogs are our passion. We train our own dogs at agility, sheep herding under a professional trainer, for dog shows and dog dancing. We go to dog shows in the UK and abroad with so much success. Our dogs are also CRUFTS winners. We are very proud of what they have achieved. We understand dogs and respect their needs, they are members of our family, we are best friends forever.


More than just a walk in the park! We walk away from public places, dogs spend time running in the field and swimming in the river. They are walked off lead, they get good exercise, fun, socialisation and training from us as well.


We pick up only 4 dogs, so we don't drive around for long amounts of time with your dog, we always arrange journeys to save dogs spending too long in the car. Our cars are clean, safe and comfortable, we don't use phones while driving and walking. We concentrate on dogs having fun and being safe.


We have experience in walking 6 dogs at one time. We are confident with them and keep the pack under control. Dogs are off lead, but we always have all equipment with us to keep them safe. We make sure all dogs are good with recall and that they always comes back to us.


We walk no more than 6 dogs on one walk, but this includes our own two Polish Lowlands, so there are only 4 other dogs per walk. We are also trained in Animal First Aid and fully insured with Pet Business Insurance. We also carry a Pet First Aid Kit.


Our customers are able to book their walks at short notice. We can also help you in an emergency, if today you need a walk, call us, we will take your dog for a walk if possible!


We always clean your dog as best we can after a walk. We use high quality waterless shampoo, fresh water and clean towels. We always ensure all dogs we walk have all vaccinations needed before walking.